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23 May

FREE Squeezy Honey Jar offer

Every so often, we like to say “thank you” to all of our loyal customers for their continued support of us and our bees. This is one of those times. We would like to offer you a free 500gm squeezy honey jar (valued at $6-95) of our sensational Ironbark honey when you place an order

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16 Feb

Beeswax – Pure and Natural is ready for you

We are pleased to announce that we are now selling our beeswax. This is yellow beeswax so it straight from the hives. It is moulded into easy to use size bars weighing approximately 100gms and measuring 8cms long x 5.5cms wide and 2cm high. Natural beeswax has many uses including, but of course not limited to: Making furniture

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27 Jan

Ironbark Honey is now available

Our beautiful Ironbark honey is available right now. Ironbark is a light flavoured and light coloured honey which is particularly loved by children or those people who enjoy honey but maybe prefer a bit of a milder honey hit.  

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24 Nov

Stringy Bark Honey is available now

Our Stringy Bark honey has been harvested and is ready to be enjoyed on your morning toast, cereal, in your coffee or just scooped straight from the jar. This is a richer honey (but not pungent by any means). It has a beautiful taste if we do say so ourselves. The Stringy Bark tree can

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11 Nov

Spotted Gum honey has returned after 4 years

Our Spotted Gum honey has returned after 4 years The Spotted Gum tree only flowers every four years and 2016 is the chosen year. This honey is absolutely spectacular and a must try for everyone. It is a lighter flavoured honey but with a medium colour. The flavour is a little like caramel, but of

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