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Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A: We do ask you to allow up to 10 business days for delivery of your order. This is to allow time for us to despatch your order if we happen to be exhibiting at a trade show or away from the farm with the bees. We try to despatch orders as quickly as possible though. If you are going overseas, or have a specific deadline that you need your honey by, please let us know and we will do our best to help you out. You will also receive an email with consignment details upon despatch so that you may track your order online.

Q: How does the free delivery offer work?
A: We want to supply fresh, great tasting honey to you so we offer a free delivery service into metro areas of NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD straight from our farm to you. Simply order $30 or more of any of our products, and we will send your order straight to you for no delivery/postage charge. If you are not located in a metro area, we can still send you our great products but there may be an additional postage charge which will be calculated after you place your order.

Q: Clayridge Honey tastes like honey I used to have when I was a child. Why is that?
A: We simply harvest our honey and bottle it. It is not blended, heat treated, processed and we do not add anything to it. It is as good as having a beehive in your backyard. We produce honey the good old fashioned way.

Q: Why is the flavour I bought last time not available now?
A: Honey is seasonal depending on what is in flower for example some eucalyptus varieties only flower every 4 years. Our drop down boxes on our honey range page will list what we have in stock.

Q: Why does my honey go candy/crystallize?
A: All honey which is pure will go candy eventually. Different varieties go candy quicker than others, depending on the nectar used to make the honey. It your honey does go candy, please place the jar in warm water or in the sun and it will return to normal liquid. It will still taste great and the quality will not be affected. Honey is one of the only food sources in the world that never goes off.

Q: Why does my creamed honey go hard?
A: Our creamed honey is 100% pure honey. All we do is whip it and do not add any emulsifiers or glucose. The room temperature you keep your honey in will affect the creamed honey so if you find it is a little too hard for your liking, you can just warm it lightly. NOT TOO MUCH, or you will turn it back into liquid honey.

Q: Why is your creamed honey the best I have ever had?
A: We simply take our great tasting 100% pure honey and whip it. That’s it. Honey tastes amazing when it is raw and natural.