As of November 2022, we are no longer producing or selling honey. Thank you.

Honey Varieties / Available Seasonally

Have you ever wondered why honey tastes different and is available in different varieties/flavours?

The easiest way to think of it is similar to different smelling flowers. A clover flower smells completely different from a eucalyptus tree which also means that the nectar from each flower also produces different types of nectar and hence honey variety/flavour/taste.

Our bees roam the untouched pristine bushland on the South Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW collecting pure and natural nectar which is then converted to honey. Depending on what flowers the bees have collected nectar from will depend on what variety / flavour of honey that is produced. Different regions have different flowers in bloom at different times of the year. So depending on the location and time of year, will depend on what honey variety is harvested.

As mentioned above, the honey varieties/flavours offered by us are dependent on what is flowering. We specialise in great tasting gourmet honeys dictated mainly by Australian native plants.

Listed below are descriptions of the honey varieties that we have available at different times of the year. You may like to choose the honey variety you prefer. By using our Orders section, you will find our Online Shopping Cart option – allowing you to choose your preferred honey variety when you place your order.

Honey Varieties / Flavour Descriptions

All of our honey varieties taste fantastic and are very unique – guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds. The list below is a guide to what you can expect from our honey varieties:-

Mild Variety

Ironbark (Narrowleaf)
Harvested from nectar collected from the Ironbark (Narrowleaf) Tree. This is a beautifully, soft and mellow honey, with a similar strength to Yellow Box but with a slight toffee flavour. Generally lighter in colour, it is extremely versatile and especially enjoyed by kids.

Red Gum
A beautiful, smooth honey with a distinct flavour allowing you to experience a great tasting honey which is light to medium in flavour and very enjoyable.

Medium Variety

Snow Gum
Magnificent medium to rich strength honey with a fantastic freshly harvested honeycomb flavour. Ideal for people who like mild honey or rich honey as this sits rights in the middle of the flavour chart.

Tea Tree 
Harvested from Tea Tree bush, this honey has a distinct floral taste to it. It is a very different tasting honey to the other medium varieties listed above but just as beautiful in its own unique way.

Mixed Gum
Our Mixed Gum can change regularly as it usually reflects the change over of flora seasons ie. when two trees are flowering at once in the same area. Generally these honeys are medium tasting and medium to dark in colour, depending on what is harvested.

Blue Gum
Harvested from the Blue Gum tree, this a great tasting, medium strength honey for all honey lovers. Great in hot drinks, for cooking or on your warm toast.

River Gum 
A light to medium strength and colour honey with a beautiful flavour as well as an appetising honeycomb hint to it. Definitely a great choice for fussy honey eaters and is sure to appeal to the whole family.

Spotted Gum
Harvested from the Spotted Gum tree, a very unique and different honey variety. A mild to medium flavour with a light to medium colour. Spotted Gum only flowers every 4 years so this honey is only periodically available. This tastes a little like caramel and is delicious.

Yellow Stringy Bark
Harvested from the Yellow Stringy Bark tree, this is a medium honey variety. Generally medium in colour honey, it is lighter tasting than the Red Stringy Bark but still with the distinctive Stringy Bark taste.  It is very pleasant tasting and enjoyed by all those who try it.


Rich Variety

Harvested from nectar collected from the Bloodwood Tree. This is a very flavoursome, medium to rich honey variety. Generally medium to darker colour honey.

Harvested from the Blackbutt Tree, a similar flavour to Bloodwood. Still uniquely different in its own right and very nice. Not quite as rich as Bloodwood but still a great medium to rich flavour.

Red Stringy Bark
Harvested from the Red Stringy Bark tree, this is a rich honey variety. Generally darker in colour, this is a very pleasant and full flavoured honey. Ideal for the serious honey lover for adding to tea, water or any drink. Also tastes amazing on toast.