Spotted Gum honey has returned after 4 years

Our Spotted Gum honey has returned after 4 years

The Spotted Gum tree only flowers every four years and 2016 is the chosen year. This honey is absolutely spectacular and a must try for everyone. It is a lighter flavoured honey but with a medium colour. The flavour is a little like caramel, but of course a lot more delectable.

The Spotted Gum is a tall tree with a straight trunk, growing up to 45 metres in height (sometimes taller).

Spotted Gum has smooth powdery bark which is white, grey or pink; often with characteristic patches (“spots”).

It has small, white flowers which occur from winter to spring and grows naturally in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The flowers attract honeyeaters and of course bees which in turn make honey from the nectar.

If you would like to order some Spotted Gum honey, please visit our Honey Range page or call us on 02 4443 4198.