Beeswax – Pure and Natural is ready for you

We are pleased to announce that we are now selling our beeswax. This is yellow beeswax so it straight from the hives. It is moulded into easy to use size bars weighing approximately 100gms and measuring 8cms long x 5.5cms wide and 2cm high.

Natural beeswax has many uses including, but of course not limited to:

  • Making furniture polish
  • Producinbeeswax-blockg your own cosmetics eg beeswax lip balm
  • Making healing creams and ointments
  • Candles that don’t have any smoke and don’t drip
  • Coating nails and screws to prevent wood from splintering
  • Chewing to help you quit smoking
  • Wax fly fishing lines so they float
  • As a dental tooth filling (temporarily)

Ok so maybe some of these are a little bit unusual, but you get the general idea. It is a multipurpose type of product and one we proudly can say is 100% beeswax, natural, smells great and is an all round fantastic invention by bees.

Bees create beeswax which they then use to create honeycomb cells in order to store their honey, have a place for the queen to lay her eggs and to use as a nursery.